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Sanitising Fogging

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Everyone has been impacted by Covid 19 and every business has had to adapt to a new regime and new ways of protecting as much as possible their employees and their clients.

Reassuring everyone you are doing the right thing working within government guidelines to CONTROL THE VIRUS.

These Serious problems are impacting businesses both internally & externally against protection from Covid 19 and there is a great need for ways to improve confidence in your current risk assessments and remain Covid Secure.

We offer a Disinfectant Chemical Fogging service to dramatically reduce the risk of infection in the workplace or home. This service for some companies, is part of their Covid-19 risk assessment. We can offer regular visits to complement your new cleaning regime. 

Conventional cleaning methods cannot always sanitise hard-to-reach areas or soft furnishings to the required level of cleanliness, often leaving behind microscopic infectious pathogens. Disinfectant applied through a 
fogging machine sanitises both surfaces and the air itself, through micro-droplets of disinfectant that remain on surfaces for an extended period of time providing long-lasting protection. 

The Chemical  is in compliance with British Standards & European Norms BSEN 14476, 14204, 1276, 13704, 13697 & 1656. It works faster and more effectively than other cleaning and disinfecting agents, but is safe for humans and the environment, also safe to ingest, wash with and inhale. 

This incredible product destroys 99.999% of pathogens, including bacteria and viruses without the aid of chemicals. Instead, it uses hypochlorous acid (HOCI) – a naturally-occurring element in our bodies, making this product non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-alcoholic, and a non-irritant. As such, it’s useful for a wide range of applications .

The Benefits of sanitising fogging

  • Disinfects in a highly efficient, effective and environmentally friendly manner. 
  • Improves infection control and the spread of viruses such as influenza, MRSA and many others 
  • Full Spectrum bactericide, virucide, fungicide and sporicide. No danger of bacterial resistance. 
  • Uniform disinfection of all surfaces at any location Non-allergic and poses no risk to humans, animals, plants or the environment. 
  • Areas up to 20,000 cubic metres can be successfully treated at a time. 
  • Kill Time of only one minute 
  • Typically more cost effective than traditional methods such a deep cleaning, bleaching and steaming. 
  • Hospital Grade Disinfectant status and no need to rinse after application. 


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